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Cable enterprise development can change from opportunity-oriented to strategic-oriented

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2013/12/31 11:48
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[Cable News] In recent years, the rapid development of the Chinese economy has created more and more opportunities for the country. Under this situation, there are more and more enterprises adopting opportunism-oriented and opportunistic strategic models. Some companies involved in the field of wire and cable have not defined their main business or established themselves for 5 or 10 years. Core competitiveness. From the opportunity-oriented to strategic-oriented or will be the right choice for wire and cable companies.
At the 2nd China (Wuhu) Wire & Cable Expo and Product Quality Summit held in mid-December, the vice chairman of the Capital Enterprise Club Mr. Ruan Huaduo pointed out that after the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the market played a decisive role in the allocation of resources. The development of cable companies needs to be changed from an opportunity-based approach to a strategic one, and toward the systematic development of talents, technology, and quality.
Huang Cheng, chairman of Anhui Pacific Cable Group Co., Ltd., also agreed that current cable companies should develop in a strategically oriented manner. He said that since Pacific Cable's asset restructuring in May 2008, the company’s senior leaders have learned and applied the nine basic concepts of strategic orientation, customer drive, and social responsibility, and have promoted the company’s rapid development. Development.
Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group is also a company that always adheres to its strategic orientation. Over the years, the company has consistently adhered to the development strategy of “fine, special, special, and foreign”. Especially in the field of nuclear cables, the self-developed third-generation nuclear AP1000 in-shell cables have filled the gaps in the world's nuclear power industry. In response, Ding Shanhua, chairman and general manager of the group, said that it is more important for Shang Shang to be stronger than bigger ones, and that Shang Shang will continue to stick to its main business with a view to achieving 15 billion yuan at the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan. sales target.
In view of the fact that many companies in China, including the wire and cable industry, are adhering to an opportunity-oriented situation, Zhang Wenkui, deputy director of the Institute of Enterprise Research at the State Council Research Center, once pointed out that at present, China is not an opportunity as early as the beginning of reform and opening up, so long as it seizes opportunities, it is the environment for money. . He believes that the opportunity-oriented type means that if you have the opportunity, you want to try it out. This is too risky and more harmful than good, but companies can not completely give up opportunities, but should seize strategic opportunities, rather than ordinary opportunities.
According to Peng Jianfeng, a professor at Renmin University of China, many domestic entrepreneurs are currently faced with a strategic puzzle that no strategy can succeed occasionally, but it is difficult to sustain success. He believes that when a company grows to a certain scale, especially when it wants to become an industry leader, it must change from an opportunity-oriented to a strategic orientation, and from doing business to doing a business, otherwise it will fall into the trap of opportunism.
In the domestic wire and cable industry, many companies have grown up under the conditions of opportunism. A large part of these companies have not yet formed systemic thinking on future development but have entered an opportunity-oriented growth misunderstanding. The decision-makers of cable companies must make correct assumptions about the basic propositions of the company's own future development, complete systemic thinking, and help companies shift from opportunity-oriented to strategic-oriented.
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